Tomorrow a story I wrote ages ago will be coming out in Storm Moon Press’ Dark Menagerie Anthology. Whilst I’m excited–obviously–I’m, also a bit terrified. Also, for the first time, I sent one of my own self published stories, Song of the Sea, to review sites. I almost feel like I’m standing naked in front of everyone. In the past I’ve just relied on a build up of readers by putting works out at a steady pace, as you do when you’re an erotica writer. But now that I’m trying to make the switch to m/m romance I’m almost struck dumb by terror. What happens when I get bad reviews? Terrible reviews? Horrible-you-never-should-have-written-EVER reviews? 

This is like going back to that first day of school, again, wondering if anyone wants to be your friend.

I think this is the very worst feeling about being a writer, this putting yourself out there. Particularly when you’re–like most writers seem to be–an introvert and painfully shy. My wish today is a year from now I can look back at this day and laugh at how silly I was being.

But right now I’m not there.


New Novella out now

Hey gang,

So it’s a few days old now, but I do have a new story out. The Song of the Sea is about Dylan, the merman introduced in In the Lonely Sea and is a prequel to it. The story behind it is that In the Lonely Sea was part of the Goodreads group M/M Romance’s annual event, Love Has No Boundaries. When I began writing it I got very torn between the story that the prompt asked for (which ended up being In the Lonely Sea) and the story that settled into my head after reading up on the Welsh folklore about mer-folk. So in the end, I kept the short for the LHNB event and wrote this as a short novella. I hope you all enjoy! It’s quite a bit different than anything I’ve published so far.

The blurb:

Dylan has always been an outsider in the small Welsh fishing village he calls home. He’s smaller, weaker, twp, as the villagers would say. Found on the intertidal between land and sea as an infant, he’s always been a bit lost.

Everything changes when a damaged schooner arrives in the village, spilling its crew of exotic men from all around the globe. The handsome captain, Llewellyn, wastes no time letting Dylan in on why he feels so different.

He’s a merman.

Like calls to like, and Dylan soon learns what it is to let the siren song of the sea stir his blood. Llewelyn offers Dylan teaching and freedom from a life he’s never really belonged to. But can Llewellyn offer Dylan what he needs most of all—love?




Next Twink/bear story out…last week but now as well?

Hmm…how to explain this. There was an ‘issue’ with the last twink/bear story title, soooo….it’s all been changed. So so sorry for the inconvenience 😦

I can’t begin to explain the amount of stress this has caused.

If you haven’t bought it, here’s a couple of links. 🙂

There will be one more story and that’ll be the end of this series. I have planned on doing another four part series on Alex, but that won’t come out until some time next year.

For everyone who’s read them, thank you!!

New Stuff!


And best of all, it’s free! Yes, free! M/M Romance, over at Goodreads does an event every year where a lot of lovely ladies post a photo and statement prompt and whoever grabs it first has to write a story based on it. The one I managed to snag is based on this image:

Anyone who wants to read it can either join the group over at Goodreads:

or via their website:

Or can download it via the website, here:

In the Lonely Sea

Come on over! Read this, read all the other free stories there! It’s a great event and a great group to be a part of! I’m super chuffed to have taken part of it, along with some huge names in gay romance, like Kim Dare, Vicktor Alexander, Kim Fielding, Kaje Harper, Andrea Speed, Piper Vaughn, and many many more.

And for any fans of Alex Martinez and his bear, there is a new story coming out very very soon…like tomorrow or Friday soon. It’s the second to last story in this series, after which I’m taking a break! Also on the cards is a prequel to this merman story AND another fantasy, both should be out sometime in August. Sorry it’s taken so long to get anything out!

Write or Die…and Futanari

‘Tis a thought that’s been running through my mind lately, this feeling that my head is so full of all these people that if I didn’t get them out in some fashion, it would feel like dying. I suppose if any of us didn’t get our characters out on paper/computer then they would (d’oh) die. And one character I’ve held onto for 20 years now, thinking she was fated for that, is now about to get her own 90,000+ novel.

She popped into my head one day whilst laying on my back, listening to Mazzy Star at my best mate’s house. I didn’t have the plot for her to go into, but she stuck around, never actually demanding her own story, more like just sitting there, drinking a cup of tea and looking very delicate and pensive.

Last year around Christmas time, it looked as though she would finally get her own story told. The only issue was her story is quite complicated and I was only writing erotica shorts. I was (as newbie writers do, I’d imagine)  going through all the tropes that other erotica writers said were popular: Gaywolves? Check. Monster sex? Check. Age gap? Check. Shifters? Erm..kind of check, it didn’t work out so well… (but I’ll get back to that). Futanari? well…

And that’s the thing. My little girl is a trans girl.

I was raised by a lesbian mother and surrounded by gay men and one very lovely transwoman growing up. Writing this in this style just didn’t feel right…it wasn’t right, at least not for me. My little transgirl deserved more, she was too important to do this to. So I stopped.

And she went and sat back on the bench, her plot mostly formed, the world she was to live in completely worked out except for one important figure in it. And that’s the thing as well, for me. I gave her one of my most important plot-lines, in a world I’ve lived in for over 10 years and has me homesick for every year.

I think she’s sat around long enough. So I’m beginning to write out her story, the warts and all. It shall be a romance, not an erotica. She’s been too important for that, she deserves the love of her life and she deserves a happy ending.

And so I shall give her a beginning.

What I’m up to (G-d that sounds so egotistal!)

Okay, barring the horrid title, and for all one and a half of you that may be interested or may possibly be a fan of the twink/bear series and may be thinking ‘okay, it’s been two months already, where is the next story??’ I thought I’d explain my long pause in self published erotica. Long story short, I actually have been writing more than ever but am working on longer works. In the next few weeks I hope to have two 20,000 word romances up, both paranormal in nature. In addition to that there IS another Alex and Peter story on its way (5,000 words in right now, and counting), along with an erotic short that will (fingers crossed) be the beginning of a new series (this will be historical in nature).

In addition to all that, for those who are interested, I’ll have a short story up for free over at the Goodreads site ‘M/M Romance,’ under their ‘Love Has No Boundaries’ event. And after all that I’m going to begin writing a (gasp! eak!) novel! And after this next twink/bear story, there will be one more and that series will be finished (there’ll be a long pause but I am planning/plotting another series with Alex but it will be very different in tone).

So that’s me for now!! I’ll post more as I find the time!!