Twinks, Bears and Erotica Titles of 2012

Okay, it’s like this, the set of series that does the best for me…I hate all the titles of them. Hate them. Every time it comes ’round to thinking a new one up I swear I break out in hives, which should be stating soon as the last one is in the process of being edited and ready to go. So it occurred to me the other month that I didn’t need to put myself through this anymore, there was a way out. But would it piss people off? Would fans of the series get angry and think I was pulling a fast one? Highly likely…which is why I sat and let them sit.

But I just can’t take it anymore. And as I’ve been writing longer and more series stuff, the last thing I want hanging around my neck is those horrid erotica titles.

So I’m changing them, I just can’t take it anymore.

Before I do, I feel I need to explain myself a bit. Back in the summer of 2012 I knew nothing about m/m romance. I had no clue it was acceptable for women to write gay romance (hey, I live in a kind of backwards, tiny country!). It was a lunch with my best mate, in the park by the museum in Cardiff, that set the ball rolling. I was telling her about a character I wanted to write (Rafael Perez of the horse shifter stories) and it was she that said ‘why don’t you write gay erotica?’ A bell went off in my head and I looked it up..or thought I had. In my ignorance what I looked up wasn’t m/m romance but gay erotica. And in the summer of 2012 what did the best in gay erotica was (to say the least) rather cheeky titles. And as I wanted to sell more than a couple stories, I duly went in with the rude titles. And so ‘Bent Over by the Bear: Tale of a Twink’s Deflowering’ (yep, that was the title, see why I want to change it??) was born.

And it did well.

And it was based on a character I’ve had for years and have all of his life into his 50’s plotted out.

So I wrote another one, with another cheeky title: Pounded by the Bear: Tale of a Twink’s Submission. Ouch, it’s painful to even say I thought this title up. Right after its release, the main competition was ‘F**ked by the Blue Dragon.’ And ‘Pounding the Pizzaboy.’ And my all time favorite (I honestly love this title), ‘Four Tales of Guys Who Like to Get F**ked Up the Ass.’ So as you can see, officer, I was only keeping up with the Jones’.

But a thing happened. Amazon got wiff of all this and began banning stories left, right and centre. But through it all, mine were left alone. Left alone with their cheeky, silly titles when all the others were changed to more dignified titles.

But it’s almost 2015 and I can’t take it anymore. As of today, all my titles are going to begin to be changed. Not huge changes, but basically shortened. So the first one will be changed to just ‘Bent Over’ the second to ‘Pounded,’ the third to ‘Dominated,’ etc. What I won’t do is change the actual pictures used for the covers. So if anyone sees a cover that looks like one they’ve bought…it still IS the same story. DO NOT RE-BUY IT!!!

Call this a case of just wanting my dignity.

I hope (and pray) no one takes any offense to this decision. Love you all!