The plan for 2014: happiness

Hmm…haven’t posted anything here since October? Egads, I am rubbish at this social networking stuff, sorry. So…an explanation as to my laying low. Health issues, would that do? Yep, the joys of getting old. *snort*

So long story short, real life has been biting my arse for awhile now. Nothing big, I think it’s more the delayed reactions to some uncomfortable events that happened last summer, in the shape of one very evil neighbor. I can’t really say much since the police are involved but basically, we live next to a very unpleasant individual who fancies himself Lord of the Manor. After several arguments when he decided our land is his, the police have gotten involved. And throughout all that (this went on the entire summer last year) my will to write went out the window because of the stress. And also, because of the added anxiety that Amazon put all us erotica writers under, I can’t say that 2013 was an enjoyable year.

But that was last year. 2014 is a new year and to hell with negativity, I’m going to enjoy this year. I’m taking back my garden from the weeds and the neighbor, and I’m going to enjoy my writing this year. And the first thing I’m doing is not stressing about sales. If they come, great, if not, then just keep writing. Secondly, I’m taking back some of my earliest stories and adding to them what I wanted in the first place. Thirdly, I’m going to do four stories I’ve been wanting to do for years now.

Four sports stories.

Yes, I said four sports stories, one of which I started last Saturday.

Basically, I enjoy watching sports, four in particular: horse racing, tennis, cycling and rugby. And when I do pretty much anything in life, I think up a story to go along with it (you should have seen all my notes in uni…stories all over the margins and headers. It was out of control). Years ago I thought up a tale of two cyclists in the Tour de France, as I sat through the three weeks it’s on (my husband is a HUGE cycling fan..we’re not allowed to watch anything whilst the Tour is on), long before I ever knew there was a field of m/m romance and that it was okay for women to write in this field. Ditto for a story to go along with the rugby for the eight weeks the Six Nations is on. Last year one of my high points was putting a lot of thought into a tale of two tennis players going for the same prize: Wimbledon. And with horse racing, what can I say? I worked for years on the backstretch as a groom. Out of that experience I started a novel about a transgirl.

So out of all of this, here is what I’m going to do. I’m going to sit down and watch the Tour, Wimbledon, Saratoga and the Six Nations, and I’m going to write my stories out during the events, just to try to catch the feeling in the writing during them, and not after or before. So…I’m writing four stories, though they may not be out this year. But I’m writing them, and I’m going to enjoy writing them. Already I’ve started the rugby one, bashing out 2,500 words the first day, and loving every bit of it (if you like fun jock/geek stories, then hopefully this’ll hit your buttons). The Six Nations’ll be done by mid March, and all things going well, then hopefully the rough draft of this will be done as well. Going to Spain is next, and a non sports story will hopefully be finished up by then as well that takes place in Spain, during the Easter Processions (an angel story, by the way), then I need to get a shift on with the last twink/bear story and lay that chapter of Alex’s life to rest.

Fingers crossed that’ll see me to mid June, when Wimbledon starts and I’ll be rolling in all things tennis. Fingers and toes crossed the very roughest of drafts will be finished by then, and then it’s straight into the Tour and the tale of two men who walk that line of hatred and love for one another. Then it should be the Saratoga season and back to my little transgirl and her struggles as a groom to a fragile filly (who happens to be trained by a very lovely man). And in between it all, there’s a WWI era tale that I’ve started, along with one that takes place in the 1920’s. And I may try to stuff a Cedar Point tale in there somewhere as well.

So this is my blueprint for 2014: sports, history and fun (and twinks, always lots of twinks!). I may only make pennies but I’m going to enjoy my writing this year. 🙂

Working titles for all the stories mentioned (for the folks who like that sort of knowledge):

Fish Face (the rugby story…the title will be obvious once the stories finished, as there are a lot of big koi and one little pufferfish involved in bringing our two boys together)

Run Like a Girl (the horse racing one)

Match Point (a bit obvious, but hey ho :P)

Domestique (the Tour de France one)

and for the other stories mentioned:

Heavenly Creatures (angel one, which is clocking in at 20k so far and is maybe only half done)

Coming Out Boy Blues (1920’s one)

Sebastian (just this side of pre WWI story)

and one not mentioned, but will be coming out this thursday:

The Faery Reel

(Oh, and the Six Nations, for all you Americans, is the rugby version of the run up to the Super Bowl..or something like that. It involves France, Wales, Scotland, Italy, Ireland and England, the main six rugby playing nations in the Northern Hemisphere)



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