New Novella out now

Hey gang,

So it’s a few days old now, but I do have a new story out. The Song of the Sea is about Dylan, the merman introduced in In the Lonely Sea and is a prequel to it. The story behind it is that In the Lonely Sea was part of the Goodreads group M/M Romance’s annual event, Love Has No Boundaries. When I began writing it I got very torn between the story that the prompt asked for (which ended up being In the Lonely Sea) and the story that settled into my head after reading up on the Welsh folklore about mer-folk. So in the end, I kept the short for the LHNB event and wrote this as a short novella. I hope you all enjoy! It’s quite a bit different than anything I’ve published so far.

The blurb:

Dylan has always been an outsider in the small Welsh fishing village he calls home. He’s smaller, weaker, twp, as the villagers would say. Found on the intertidal between land and sea as an infant, he’s always been a bit lost.

Everything changes when a damaged schooner arrives in the village, spilling its crew of exotic men from all around the globe. The handsome captain, Llewellyn, wastes no time letting Dylan in on why he feels so different.

He’s a merman.

Like calls to like, and Dylan soon learns what it is to let the siren song of the sea stir his blood. Llewelyn offers Dylan teaching and freedom from a life he’s never really belonged to. But can Llewellyn offer Dylan what he needs most of all—love?





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