New Stuff!


And best of all, it’s free! Yes, free! M/M Romance, over at Goodreads does an event every year where a lot of lovely ladies post a photo and statement prompt and whoever grabs it first has to write a story based on it. The one I managed to snag is based on this image:

Anyone who wants to read it can either join the group over at Goodreads:

or via their website:

Or can download it via the website, here:

In the Lonely Sea

Come on over! Read this, read all the other free stories there! It’s a great event and a great group to be a part of! I’m super chuffed to have taken part of it, along with some huge names in gay romance, like Kim Dare, Vicktor Alexander, Kim Fielding, Kaje Harper, Andrea Speed, Piper Vaughn, and many many more.

And for any fans of Alex Martinez and his bear, there is a new story coming out very very soon…like tomorrow or Friday soon. It’s the second to last story in this series, after which I’m taking a break! Also on the cards is a prequel to this merman story AND another fantasy, both should be out sometime in August. Sorry it’s taken so long to get anything out!