What I’m up to (G-d that sounds so egotistal!)

Okay, barring the horrid title, and for all one and a half of you that may be interested or may possibly be a fan of the twink/bear series and may be thinking ‘okay, it’s been two months already, where is the next story??’ I thought I’d explain my long pause in self published erotica. Long story short, I actually have been writing more than ever but am working on longer works. In the next few weeks I hope to have two 20,000 word romances up, both paranormal in nature. In addition to that there IS another Alex and Peter story on its way (5,000 words in right now, and counting), along with an erotic short that will (fingers crossed) be the beginning of a new series (this will be historical in nature).

In addition to all that, for those who are interested, I’ll have a short story up for free over at the Goodreads site ‘M/M Romance,’ under their ‘Love Has No Boundaries’ event. And after all that I’m going to begin writing a (gasp! eak!) novel! And after this next twink/bear story, there will be one more and that series will be finished (there’ll be a long pause but I am planning/plotting another series with Alex but it will be very different in tone).

So that’s me for now!! I’ll post more as I find the time!!


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